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Care Instructions


Pieces with handmade indication are hand decorated.

Each piece may present variations in finishes, colours and textures, associated with the handmade production process and making each porcelain piece truly one of a kind. every surface is unique due to the combination of hand-applied decoration with the firing process in the kiln.

Care Instructions

Pieces decorated with gold and platinum are very sensitive; avoid sliding these pieces on top of each other; to clean these pieces use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

Pieces with a biscuit finish, if stained, can be washed with water, detergent and a brush.


Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave. other pieces are microwave safe.


There are several aspects that influence the dishwasher safety – detergent, speed cycles, temperature, water characteristics and food residues, among others – and these are likely to damage gold and platinum decorations. therefore, porcel does not recommend the use of the dishwasher for pieces decorated with gold or platinum.

For Porcelain

Do not apply any treatments to the face of the cloth as this may affect the colour.