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Monica de Guzmán

Monica de Guzmán hails from a long line of designers. From her great grandmother down to her, they all had practiced jewelry design, which Monica used to watch and admire as she spent her childhood days in the family workshop. She was also exposed from an early stage to the interior design field, as her father heads an award winning Architectural and Interior design consultancy in Manila

It was a natural progression then for her to turn to these creative fields as she embarked on her own career. She spent time crafting her skills as an interior designer in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore, while also studying the fine art of furniture making in Florence. Over those years, travelling, working and learning, Monica developed a keen design eye and flair for creativity while being sensitive to local cultures and traditions. She specialized in hotel and hospitality design, leading the way on signature projects internationally.

In 2015, Monica made her way to the United Arab Emirates, which she currently calls home. After further honing her craft here, Monica decided the circumstances in Dubai were perfect for her to branch out and start on her own, just like her parents before her. This led to the founding of THE PAPER ARCHITECTS.

The Paper Architects, founded in the UAE in 2018, is primarily two companies in one. It is both a lifstyle brand and a design consultancy. We design places and products: immersive environments, compelling destinations, and considered goods. Our studio, with an emphasis on interior design have since expanded our firm into a multidisciplinary practice that addresses multiple layers of the human experience.

Borne of the idea to collaborate with artisanal craftsmen from around the world, our vision is to design, curate and deliver signature furniture, tablescapes and home décor. Working in tandem, our consultancy service provides the canvas for which our team could provide a full customer experience from designing the interior space to the home décor within that space. We collaborate with our clients to fully understand their requirements, so that together, we are able to transform their ideas from sketches on paper to a built reality.

As seasons and trends develop, Monica is constantly developing new creations to complete a full suite of homewares.

The consultancy arm of The Paper Architects aims to make design more accessible to everyone. To do this, Monica has provided smaller, focused, tailored package to her clients, covering the design of a specific room, decoration and styling consultation and even a simple colour consultation. She understands that sometimes, design problems are specific, and it might be difficult to approach a consultancy with a specific problem. She is breaking down these barriers with her tailored packages.

Large projects are welcome too at The Paper Architects, with Monica able to lead and deliver a range of designs from luxury villas, to multi story resort hotels. She is able to do this with her dedicated team of designers and her industry contacts in construction.

This is the beginning of the journey for The Paper Architects, a journey that was made possible by the unique opportunity the UAE provides for small companies.

Monica De Guzmán

Chairman & CEO